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  • Ad Manager39.00 USD

    Advertise to who you want, where you want, when you want
    • Powerful settings for when to display each ad
    • Many ad positions to choose
    • Style ads with inline CSS or specify a CSS class
    • Upload a banner or insert custom code for your ad
  • Donation Manager49.00 USD

    Simple and elegant donation manager
    • Monthly goal system
    • Display options to show or hide various sections
    • AJAX to streamline the donate process
    • Donate with PayPal
  • Profile Completion Steps29.00 USD

    Easily guide your members through filling out their profile
    • Easily specify custom tasks for your members to complete
    • Each task takes a condition like filling out a certain profile field
    • Specify a percentage for each task to contribute to the 100% completion
  • Simple Gallery29.00 USD

    Simple yet powerful image and video gallery
    • Upload an image using XenForo's flash uploader
    • Embed vidoes into albums simply with a link
    • Sort images and videos into albums set in the ACP
    • Edit/Move/delete images and videos just like you do with threads